Terms, Conditions, Refund and Cancellation Policies.

Please read the following information, by attending our sessions you agree to accept these terms and conditions.

General T&C

-I agree to take on full responsibility for myself and my children within the session.

-I will work within my own limits and stop if something hurts excessively or doesn't feel right.

-I will inform my teacher of any relevant physical/medical conditions.

-To the best of my ability I will treat any other children and session members with respect and kindness.

-Haven yoga and our teachers don't hold any liability for any injuries suffered during of outside of our sessions.

-Haven yoga and our teachers are not liable for the safety of your belongings.

-Haven yoga and our teachers are not liable for the safety of your children.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

-Free sessions are only for new clients who have not attended a haven yoga class before.

-Term Passes-

-Once the term has started, sales are final. If you would like to discuss your situation contact Ruby at info@havenyoga.com.au.

-If the term has not yet begun and you have already prepaid for your term, you are eligible for a refund, contact Ruby at info@havenyoga.com.au to discuss your situation.

-Casual Sessions-

-Haven yoga does not offer any refunds for casual session passes. If you have booked into a class with our casual session pass and now can't attend, we require 24 hours notice of cancellation to keep and reuse your casual session pass.