Class descriptions

Restorative Yoga and Massage sessions.

For 120 minutes, we use the benefits of restorative yoga and massage to help you stretch, release tension and relax. This session allows you to recharge and unwind, helping you to release the stress from our everyday lives and connect with yourself.
Beginner friendly, everything is provided. Simply wear something comfortable you can stretch in and prepare to relax.

These sessions take place at different times and locations to check with the link below.
As we have a ratio of massage therapists and students bookings are essential.

Yoga for Mothers.

As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to fit in exercise so I am happy to be offering a place to exercise, stretch and relax, all the while meeting with local mothers and engaging and stimulating your children. The community centre we use is designed with childcare and playgroups in mind and is a safe space with toys and play areas. We use a combination of Yoga, Mindfulness and Pilates to to have you feeling and looking great and sessions are layered to support all levels. Everything is provided and everything in our sessions is optional. All you need is to book in and wear something comfortable.

These sessions are held at Bowen street Community Centre on Tuesdays during school term. For more information and to book, use the link below.

For more information look at our FAQ page.

If you are struggling financially or need any assistance with the online booking process, please feel free to contact us at