Booking system help.

As we’re always looking for the easiest and smoothed experience for our clients, we have recently changed booking system. You can now pay online before class for either a single, 5x pack or 10x pack to use as you like. 

We thought we would create a helpful guide to assist those that may be confused. 

First Session free

Your first session with us is still free and can be booked by using the coupon code FIRSTFREE on your chosen session. 

Class packs.

You can purchase a class pack, for either 5x or 10x sessions and have the flexibility to book into classes as you like by using the “class credit” option. These class packs are discounted and can be used anytime in the 6 months from your chosen date.

I hope that can assist you and if you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any feedback on your booking experience is welcome.