What is restorative yoga?

Countering the busyness of our lives, restorative yoga at its core is a practice of passive healing. Using floor based postures with the help of props, this form of yoga is suitable and beneficial for all levels from total beginners to advanced practitioners. The poses are designed to gently open and stretch allowing the body to soften into the support of the props.

Restorative yoga gives us permission to slow down and pause from every day stress and anxiety we experience. Targeting the parasympathetic nervous system, it helps to improve mental health, while also releasing and nourishing the fascia, lubricating the joints, increasing range of motion and positively affects performance in other exercise disciplines.

You can wear anything comfortable to a restorative yoga class, from leggings, track pants to harem pants. Bringing a pair of socks and a jumper to cozy up in is welcome.

Restorative yoga is an antidote to our fast paced and busy lives and is a useful tool towards better mental and physical health.

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Ruby Binns