Post Workout love

Have you just had a session with us? There’s nothing like moving the body to make us feel alive am I right?! Although exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health, it is considered a stressor on the body so being mindful in recovery helps maximise the benefits of your hard work. Muscles take 24-48 hours to repair giving you a decent time frame to give your body some extra care.

 Some tips:

·      Stay hydrated. Water supports the body to function at it’s best and exercise can cause dehydration so keep up the water during your workout and afterwards too. Some people believe coconut water can assist as it’s said to contain electrolytes lost from sweating.

·      Magnesium. Magnesium acts as a natural calcium blocker resulting in muscle relaxation and helping reduce cramps. Magnesium can also improve sleep as it may help regulate melatonin production and also can help regulate your mood. As it’s is best absorbed through the skin, why not enjoy a bath with Epsom salts or other magnesium bath products.

·      Gentle stretching. Have you ever had the urge to stretch out sore muscles? Gentle stretching helps to relieve muscle soreness while also elongates the muscle. When you exercise, the muscle shortens and unless you want decreased range of movement for stability purposes, lengthening out can keep the muscles long, increase flexibility and help you move better.

·      Sleep. Growth hormones are naturally released at night meaning better muscle regeneration and also as the bodies energy consumption is low, nutrients are better used to recover your muscles.

·      Avoid over training. When you exercise more than your body can heal you can result in a break down of muscle. Symptoms such tiredness, menstrual cycle interruption, restlessness and decreased strength can also be experienced. Give your body some love and balance your exercise with rest.  


We hope you feel inspired to take some simple actions for your next exercise recovery.


Haven team x

Ruby Binns