DIY Self care

Self Care.


Whether you’re going through something or you’re in a good space but are looking to improve the relationship with yourself, being aware of your own needs and giving yourself a bit of TLC is never a bad move.

We’ve brought some yogic heads together to share some self care practices you may enjoy adding to your life. As we are yoga teachers we obviously recommend yoga for the ultimate self-care but we appreciate that there are many ways to nourish the unique beings that we are.


Here’s a list of some idea to incorporate into your life

·      Take a bath. Bath bomb optional, candles a must. Either listen to whatever songs call you in the moment or to the sound of your breath flowing in and out. Noticing the gentle movements of the breath on the water is a beautiful, simple, mindful experience. A book or magazine or netflix can be a good options too. Magnesium salts or bath products can help nourish the body even more. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and has many benefits, one being muscle cramp relief. End with a delicious smelling moisturiser and a cosy dressing down to float around in afterwards.

·      Gentle walk. No need to work up a sweat, just feel your feet connecting to the earth and take in this wild world around us. Looking up at the sky can remind us of how tiny we are on this huge planet. As well as being a mindful experience walking is one of the best forms of exercise.

·      Get a massage. with so many styles and locations squeezing in a beaut massage is easier than ever. Some places don’t even need bookings with walk in’s welcome. Make sure to talk about the pressure, areas you prefer to focus on and areas you don’t want focused on before so you can bliss out.

·      At home spa. This is not just for the ladies. Your skin will thank you. Here is an example of how easy it is to create a spa ritual at home: Exfoliate off that dead skin in the shower with a body brush or scrub. Then when you’ve towelled off, moisturise your body and slap on a nutrient dense facemask. Homemade face masks are so easy and you probably have the ingredients in your cupboard right now. A simple combo that works wonders is yogurt, honey, olive oil, and a pinch of turmeric. Leave on for roughly 10-30min depending on how long you have, cucumbers on the eyes optional, and gently wash off. Finish with a moisturiser.

·      Read a book. preferably with a blanket and hot drink. Support book shops by buying or walk the isles of your local library and pick something that looks interesting to you. There’s something magical about escaping into a book and there’s so many wonderful ones out there.

·      See a movie. By yourself or with others, being in a dark room with one thing to focus on can give your brain a rest from multitasking.

·      Take a nap. Drift off in total relaxation by listening to a one of many guided meditation or yoga nidra recordings, insight timer is an amazing app for this.

·      Order in dinner. What a total luxury to not have to leave the couch for a meal. Mixes well with Netflix. Look for some healthy options or enjoy something you’re craving. Life’s about balance and sometimes there’s a burger shaped hole missing in our lives.

·      Edit who you follow on social media. How do you feel looking at their content? Do you feel good? If not click unfollow. You can be surprised how we unconsciously react to certain things and editing what you’re exposing yourself to can make a big difference.

·      Get a coffee/other drink at a café. No need to have any reason. An option to bring something to read, enjoy some people watching or just take a deep breath and be. There’s something special about being near other people with no obligation to interact with them in a café with a chill vibe. Option to bring a friend but no shame in savouring a hot drink on your own.

·      Notice your body and/or your breath. a bit of mindfulness never goes astray and your body and breath are always there for you. Noticing your body, going from sense to sense can help ground and calm you. Start with what you feel eg. Feet on the floor, thighs on a chair, air around your fingers. Then what you smell, see, taste, hear. Or another option is to come back to your breath as we do in yoga. Taking some deep breaths inhaling fully, exhaling fully. It’s a great body hack to relax and center you in times of stress or challenge.


Giving yourself a high priority has wonderful benefits on your relationship with yourself, your self worth and self esteem. We hope that you can squeeze in some me time and try to develop a ritual of self-care.


Hope to see you in one of our sessions soon.


Haven team x

Ruby Binns